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DREAMS - I lived in Georgia, working as a waitress. I had a beautiful yellow cat named Leo that I loved very much. For several weeks, I kept having a dream that I was on the way home and found my cat dead on the road across the street from my house. I told my roommate to make sure and not let the cat outside, however to my dismay, about a week later, on the way home from work, THERE was my cat, dead right where I had seen it in my dreams. That was the first of several dreams that became reality.

GUARDIANS - I was living with a boyfriend who was NOT what he had shown me to be once I moved in. One night he was being very mean so I went to the couch to sleep. He followed me and proceeded to yell and yell at me. I was crying and looked up and saw a white opalescent energy going from me into him. At that point, I asked "Can we please just go to bed?" He said yes and we went to bed. I laid down and was trying to fill myself with God's white light when he jumps out of bed and yells at me "WHAT did you just do?" I said that I did nothing and what was he talking about. He said that a white bright light came very fast toward his face and then went out the headboard of the bed. I was told many years later that I have a Diva named "Egnellia" who takes up for me when I don't stand up for myself.

AFFECTING OUR REACTION - I was working on a movie set as a background person. You would be amazed at what goes into making movies! Anyway, the assistant director told this girl to walk over and talk to me in this one scene. The director said "action" and she just walked right past me. I noticed that she would glare at me and I just felt negative coming from her. At first I reacted to it with like energy but after half a day of it, I realized there was no way that I could take 14 or more hours of this so I decided to try something...every time that I felt her negativity, I would visualize pink light flowing to her and say in my mind, 'love, love, love'...no kidding, within an hour, SHE came over to me and started talking and was a good friend for the rest of the day. The power of our thoughts are truly amazing!

One of my bucket list hopes was to jump out of an airplane. Christmas 2000, my boyfriend bought me a skydiving jump. We were scheduled to go in March which was three months away. For two weeks every time that I would think about the jump and see me standing at the door of the plane looking out, I would get butterfly tummy and fill with fear. I had enough of that fear and realized there was no way that I could go another two in a half months with it consuming me so...I decided to try something, I would catch those thoughts that created the fear and replace them with positive thoughts like, "it will all be fine", "I will go up in the plane, stand at the door and jump with no fear" and I would finish each time chanting OOOOHHHHMMMM! That worked and the next few months went by fine with no fear. The day came to go skydiving and I tell you NO LIES, I flew up 8,000 feet, stood at the open doorway and jumped out without one single butterfly in my stomach! By controling our thoughts, we create that which we wish to be our reality.

GHOSTS - One day in late November, I was looking through an old jewelry box. I found a ring that I had for so many years that I couldn't remember where I had gotten it, I put it on my thumb and it fit perfectly. I also found a necklace that my first love's grandmother had given me one Christmas that I had never worn. I put it on also. A month later, I come home to Oklahoma for Christmas and on my first day home, I get a phone call informing me that my first love had committed suicide in late November. THEN it hit me, HE gave me that ring that I put on my finger. His mother gave me a leather jacket that he had worn when we were together. I went back home to California and on my first night back, I held his jacket as I went to sleep. I was amazed at how it still smelt like him. As I was falling asleep, my hand started tingling, a different kind of tingle and something told me it was him. I fell asleep and a few hours later, my TV in the bedroom, turned itself on. I was startled but didn't feel scared, I just 'knew' that it was him. I picked up the remote to turn it off and it wouldn't turn off, so I got up out of bed and pushed the button on the front of the TV, still it wouldn't turn off. I was so tired that I just unplugged it and went back to sleep. If I knew then what I know now, I would have communicated with him to see what he wanted to say.

Last night (Tuesday July 20, 2010), when we got home from David’s baseball game, David saw the backyard light flicker and go off. We came in and there was dirt all over the kitchen floor from Precious so I swiffered it up, after I finished, as I was cleaning out the swiffer, it turned itself on. David went to check the light switch for the backyard light and it was off. I texted Pam at 10:23 and at 10:25 asking if it was a ghost. She wrote Yes and then my phone rings at 10:26 from unknown #13366675211. Pam then calls me at about 10:50 and says that a guy JUST called her at the same time that my phone rang and that he asked her something about his sister cleaning his house naked. She tried to tap into his energy and said she got black, nothing. She said she thought it was a ghost. I asked her to check what time the call came in and what phone number. She checked and it was the exact same number that called me at the exact same time that it called me. She confirmed there was a ghost and she crossed it over into the light.

MEDITATION - When I was first learning how to meditate, I decided that I would meditate on a question and my question was "How is it possible that I can have a dream that comes true?" I lit a candle and incense and laid on the floor. I had a lot of trouble at first because I would think about things that I needed to do or what I was going to wear the next day but FINALLY after 45 minutes of trying to still my mind, I hear in my head, not in my ear "In your dream you are in the spirit world and in the spirit world, past present and future are all the same" I sat up and pondered, hmm, could this be true. Well, the confirmation came the very next day when I went to work and picked up a book that I had been reading on the set called "Conversations with God". The very page that I had left off on the day before, at the bottom I read, "In the spirit world, past present and future are all the same"
ALIEN - I dreamed that I was in an alien ship laying on a table, my whole body was numb and their was an alien above me with some kind of tool moving it up and down my body. I realized that I was dreaming so made myself wake up. When I awoke, my whole body was still numb. At first I was scared but after a few minutes it wore off and I felt better so went back to sleep. The minute I was back asleep, I was in the SAME position on the table and numb so this time I thought, ok, we will see what happens. After a few minutes, three really good looking males with long hair fly into the room off to the left and ask me if I want to go to a concert. I said sure and floated off with them. The concert was the most amazing concert I had ever experienced, it was like you could feel, touch and breathe every song. When it was over they asked if I wanted to stay with them but that if I did, I would have to leave everything behind. I told them no, I can't leave my mother. They said ok and we floated back to my body in the ship and then I woke up. I didn't realize it then but now I KNOW that I was astral projecting and that in order for our soul to go to other universes, we have to be prepared so that our cord stays on our body here on earth else we would die.
DEMON/NEGATIVE ENERGY- In 1997 I was on an email spiritual group. One of the members was having a problem with multiple personality disorder, they thought. They had traced back some disturbing emails to her email address. They asked that all members send their prayers. I felt like helping out so that night as I meditated I started sending her white light. After what seemed like about 15 minutes or so, I felt the air in my room change, it seemed to be thicker. I opened my eyes and could see a dark cloud of energy in the upper corner of my room. I heard it say in my head "STOP what you are doing, RIGHT NOW". At that point I felt a glint of fear so immediately pushed the energy out of my space by putting the white light to every corner of my apartment. That sent the dark energy away. I emailed the group the next morning and they said that several others had written and experienced the same thing. They still insisted that she had a multiple personality disorder however, I have had lots of time to meditate on this since and I have come to the belief in my heart that she has a negative energy attached to her and that she charted that for this life. Since that time I have come across many people who have mental disorders where I feel a dark energy attached to them. I can not take away those dark energies, only the person who carries it can choose to get rid of it.
OUIJA BOARD and BELIEF - In 1988 a boyfriend and I went to Toys R Us to buy a game. We saw a Ouija board and thought we would try it out. His friend came over and was sitting at the table with us. It wouldn't work very well until he went to the bathroom, then it started slowly moving. We asked why moving so slow, it very slowly spelt out my name. I said what about 'me'? and it slowly spelt out GOD. I said, "oh, you won't work because I believe in God?" It moved so quickly up to the yes that I thought the curser would fly off the table. I immediately took my hands off and wouldn't touch it again. It then was moving very quickly telling my boyfriend that his band would be famous if he used Black Magic. The friend came out of the bathroom and sat down, the second he looked at the board it stopped moving. He told us that he didn't believe in that kind of stuff so we told him to look away. Every time he looked away, it would work for my boyfriend but every time he looked back at it, it would stop dead in its tracks. That negative energy broke up my boyfriend of three years and I never saw him again. He committed suicide eight years after this incident. I don't recommend anyone use one of those boards to communicate with spirit and IF you do, protect yourself!

ANGEL/GUIDES - I was driving and had my Aunt, my son and one of his friends in the car. We exited off the highway and stopped at the red light. The light turned green but my body didn't move, it was like my body just 'knew' not to move. I look over at my Aunt who says "the light is green". I reply "I know" and look to the right to see a speeding car run right through their red light. Then I felt like it was ok to go. This has happened a few times to me now and it is really hard to describe the 'feeling' of your whole body just knowing not to move. I believe that my Angels and/or Guides just take over my body. I feel no fear and just have a 'knowing' in my body and mind.

In June 2010 my laptop had mechanical problems so I took it to the repair shop. I had all my most important documents on my external hard drive which I still had. I had a wedding coming up and there was a shot list on the external that I need printed. I only had 4 days left and the laptop was not going to be done. I plugged the external into my desktop and the computer wouldn't recognize it. I tried shutting down and restarting and nothing worked. I even tried it on my sons desktop and it also wouldn't recognize the external. Finally I thought, I am going to try ONE MORE TIME on my desktop. I plug it in and restart the computer, this time it recognized it. I clicked on the folder containing all my documents and the screen froze. I still needed to click two more folders before even getting to the one that contained the document that I needed to print. I put my hand on the external hard drive and said "Angel Michael please please help me. I need this document before Sunday" Miraculously, the file opened and started printing right then. No kidding, I hadn't even opened the other folders yet or that document and it just opened by itself and started printing.

Living in Georgia in 1991, I had a very scary dream one evening that a little demon that looked like a gremlin was chasing me. I was very afraid. I woke myself up and my heart was racing. Right when I went back to sleep, I was in the exact same spot being chased. I was running and couldn't seem to get away when I look up and in front of me is a tall Angel with strong arms who wraps his wings around me and swoops me away safely. I remember awaking and feeling so much better. I was trying to remember the Angels name but just kept getting Jaz however, I felt like it had 5 letters in the name. Needless to say, I wrote the dream down and went on with life. In 2007 and 2008 I got mixed up with a guy that was very very dark. He was bringing me down spiritually and I felt like I was spiraling downward so broke it off. A few weeks later a very dear spiritual friend came to visit me. He had never seen my house so I was showing him around. When we went to my upstairs, I told him that there was still some residual energy from that guy because there were still a few things of his up there. The friend proceeded to cleanse the upstairs with my crystals and sage and when he was done, he put the sage down and spread his arms open wide and I flew into his arms. As he embraced me, the memory of that dream came flooding back because it felt like the SAME embrace. I looked at my friend and told him about the dream and he got this HUGE smile on his face and said "His name is Jazen, and he too is my spirit guide!"


ASK AND YOU WILL RECEIVE - One day in 1998, my friend Rob and I decided to take off on a walk from our apartments in Hollywood. Our goal was to get to the Hollywood sign and take our picture standing in the O. We had been walking for maybe two hours and were now winding residential streets with huge houses. Suddenly I realized that I had to use the restroom and we laughed about where I would go however, upon rounding the very next corner in the middle of the street sat a porta pottie, no joke! That happened not once but TWICE on that adventure!! We never made it to the sign because we found out its against the law so turned back and walked to The Cat and the Fiddle, a pub that we enjoyed and had dinner. That adventure would up being 8 hours long but we will never forget how I asked for a bathroom and twice had a porta pottie appear within minutes.

A few days ago, I was thinking about the bills, figuring how much that I needed in order to pay the mortgage. I was talking to a friend and said to her that I needed $200 more and she said 'you will have it' and I said 'yes, i will'. Yesterday my mom out of the blue gave me three visa gift cards that she had gotten as a reward. She said that she thought there was only $25 on each however, when I opened them up and looked, the total sum was $200. YIPPEE!

I was 33, four girls and I decided to go camping at a natural hot spring close to Mammoth Lake in California. We found the most beautiful hot spring in a valley surrounded by mountains and set up the tent within 20 feet of the spring. That evening after we ate dinner, we decided to go sit in the spring. It was wonderful, we all talked and giggled. Then I noticed that the full moon had come over the mountain top however there were clouds and we couldn't see it. I suggested to the girls that we hold hands and meditate on a hole opening up in the clouds right under the moon so that it could shine down on us. We concentrated really hard for maybe five minutes and then everyone lost interest and started talking and giggling again. About 10 minutes after that, I look up and low and behold there was a hole in the clouds right where the moon was and it was beaming down on us.