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I first started on this path when I was 13 years old with a book called "Creative Visualization". From that moment on, I read everything and anything that I could on spirituality. I also studied world religions extensively. I was most intrigued by the similarities that they all had in common.

I worked as an actress/model for 20 years and 'thought' that I was supposed to become famous and use that fame in order to help huge amounts of people. I didn't realize until my son was born and I had to chose between my career and my child (I chose my child of course), that I HAD been helping people one at a time all these years. When I would speak to an old friend, I would constantly hear "you helped me so much in this way or that way".

During those movie years I would spend multiple hours waiting around to be called in, during that time, I would pull out my Runes and before I knew it, there would be crowds of people around me wanting a reading, everyone's jaw would drop as I told them things regarding their current situations and how they could change for the better. Funny how I STILL didn't 'get' that I was supposed to be doing THAT work instead of what I was doing.

Anyway, I moved home to Oklahoma to raise my child and in one of my meditations asking spirit "what am I supposed to be doing", I was told to make Chakra Jewelry. I was like 'OK, whatever'. I told a friend about it and he said would $250 be enough to start it up? Within a week, I had made 10 pieces of jewelry when I get a phone call from a dear friend, asking if he could stay at my house to work a spirit fair. I said sure and while he was here I showed him my jewelry. He said "Hey, why don't you come to the fair and sit at my table and sell your jewelry?". Hmm, well, ok, I will do that. While at that fair, I get my aura picture done, the lady told me that I needed to be helping people. I mentioned to her that I had done the Runes before to help people and she said to bring them the next day. I did so and did a reading for her and after the reading with awe in her eyes she said "THIS is what you are supposed to be doing!"

That's how it started and from there, I have learned so much more. I don't really need the Runes however, do like to use them sometimes. I realized that I know how to channel Angels and spirit guides for people as well as give messages from passed on loved ones. I 'feel' ghosts however, can't seem to communicate with them. Their energy is very heavy to me.

Anyway, that is my story and my goal is to help anyone that I can!!!

Namaste! Tracy